Random Thoughts and Notes No. 976-1000

976.    (As mentioned) If you oh Muslim, consider yourself as ‘plucked and saved’ from between those who have been damned to perdition, then you will thank Allah and take your life more seriously at every moment.

977.    One reason why al-Ghazali (RA) is called Hujjatul Islam is because he was a living proof of the transformative power of spirituality in Islam directly upon a person’s life. Continue reading


Random Thoughts and Notes No. 926-950

926.    (As mentioned) The major places of transmission of Islam were from Arabia, to Iran/Iraq, then to Egypt/Syria. Consider that when Napoleon invaded Egypt he killed off many Azhari scholars; the French knew that by killing off the scholars the country (and its Islamic character) would be ruined.

Comment: The same can be said about the transmission of the Islamic tradition to the Indian Subcontinent, West Africa, Indonesia, etc.; the non-Muslims knew and know that if they can take over the land (and more importantly the minds) of the Muslims, then the Islamic character of the land will be changed considerably, and reverting it back to a holistic Islamic society will be very difficult. Continue reading

Random Thoughts and Notes No. 901-925

901.    Reason is the method of using the intellect in coming to trust knowledge of how things actually are. As far as we are concerned, if properly used, it is not a foreign un-Islamic Greek, Chinese or Western import, but a matter of how Allah has ennobled human beings and how they are to use this blessing given to them.

902.    A paradox of modernity is how it calls to freedom and diversity even in thought and speech, yet it enforces uniformity; this is due to how modern governments can feel more at ease with cookie-cutter types of people. Many modern Muslim movements have sadly made this mistake as well, forgetting the real pre-modern diversity amongst Islamic civilizations (India, Spain, Morocco, Egypt, all uniquely distinct yet normatively Islamic). Continue reading

Random Thoughts and Notes No. 876-900

876.    There are different types of stinginess: one can be stingy about one’s own wealth and this is the Bakhil, but one may also be stingy with regards to other people’s wealth, not wanting them to give of their own wealth in charity. This is termed Shuhh.

877.    When some Companions (RAA) ‘hid’ knowledge they had gained from other Sahabah, it was in order to ingrain and devour the knowledge properly, it was not an issue of hiding knowledge per se. Continue reading

Random Thoughts and Notes No. 851-875

851.    (As it was mentioned) We Muslims are now in a difficult situation, yet (for example) after the Ottomans’ collapse it was even harder, because the world was formally colonized, and the new powers could easily say that Western thought was obviously supreme, and that Muslims must be tortured and killed, and no one would have thought it strange at all. So do not talk evil of the steadfast Muslims of the past, how can one not respect those who fought tanks and bombers with horses and spears (since they literally had nothing else).

852.    The dislike in Islam to engage in activities after ‘Isha can be contrasted with today’s prime time TV culture and the many bad things that happen due to this zeitgeist. Continue reading

Random Thoughts and Notes No. 826-850

826.    The true love for Allah is when the temporal calamities of the world don’t impact one’s relationship with Allah, and neither good nor bad ephemeral realities have a detrimental effect.

827.   In reality, the Prophet (ﷺ) was sent to all of humanity, from Adam (Alayhi as-Salaam) up to the last human – this is due to the covenant all previous Prophets (Alayhim as-Salaam) and their communities took to fulfill. Continue reading

Random Thoughts and Notes No. 801-825

801.    (As mentioned): It may be that the Muslim civilians killed today [killed by all sides, but specifically by those claiming to do it for the sake of Allah] will be like the buried-alive girl who is asked why she was killed, so what will await the killers?

802.    Take a lesson from how Allah relates the work of the magicians in the time of Musa (Alayhi as-Salaam) – it was very strong magic, they actually bedeviled people’s eyes. Analogous then today with matters like secularism, human rights theory, etc., Muslim preachers should not dismiss and belittle the effect of such endeavors, but tackle them while knowing their true worth. Continue reading

Random Thoughts and Notes No. 776-800

776.    We should be careful not to make Takfeer of Muslims for sins they commit (even major sins) since this is the person’s right as an apparent outwardly Muslim (i.e., it is his right not to be anathematized solely due to sins), and also this practice is not part of Sunni ‘Aqeedah. This does not prevent us from speaking out against the very evil deeds some Muslims commit, even to the point of fighting them if necessary; even if they are killed, they would still be counted, treated, and buried as Muslims after death. Continue reading