Salam Alaykum,

I am going to reorganize the postings of my random thoughts and notes. I will start by re-posting the older notes/thoughts serially with a few changes, both on this site and on the MuslimAnswers Thoughts/Notes Blog. I will complete this re-posting of the older notes first, which will take some time, and then move on to other notes I have not yet posted.

I will keep the old format as well (format based on days) on this link, though I will not be adding new things, and new material will be posted on my blog and eventually in longer serial format on this site and on the blog.

Random Thoughts and Notes: Serial Arrangement

Thoughts/Notes # 1-25                      Thoughts/Notes # 26-50

Thoughts/Notes # 51-75                    Thoughts/Notes # 76-100

Thoughts/Notes # 101-125                Thoughts/Notes # 126-150

Thoughts/Notes # 151-175                Thoughts/Notes # 176-200

Thoughts/Notes # 201-225                Thoughts/Notes # 226-250

Thoughts/Notes # 251-275                Thoughts/Notes # 276-300

Thoughts/Notes # 301-325