Foundational Articles

Islam, Rationality and non-Contradiction

(Draft Article) Islam, other religions, and the ultimate nature of existents

Initial response to the comment: ‘Do we really need to discuss the Existence of Allah before talking about the miracles of Islam’

Concerning Allah the Exalted

Question: “Why are specification and composition impossible to attribute to Allah?” answered by Mawlana Zameelur Rahman

Answer with regards to what some say about evidences for Allah and the concept of ‘Infinity’  answered by Hafiz Mahmut

Simple Argument for the Creator’s Existence by Hafiz Mahmut

Islam and Education

(Draft Article) “Shouldn’t Muslims advance in Modern Science?”

(Draft Article) Question: “What about Muslims using science to manufacture medicines and the like?”

Prophet Muhammad (Salla Allahu Alayhi Wa Sallam)

(Draft Article) Prophecy: High-rise buidings in the Arabian Peninsula

On the Qur’an

Prerequisites needed in order to make Tafseer – a few thoughts – by Hafiz Mahmut

A few words on the Qur’an and its effect on people’s hearts – by Hafiz Mahmut

Objection: ‘The inability of someone to bring up something like the Qur’an is not proof that it is actually inimitable’ answered by Sharif Randhawa

Question: “Aren’t the linguistic features of the Qur’an artificially advanced?” answered by Sharif Randhawa

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(Draft Article) Following a Madhab (School of Islamic Jurisprudence)