Advice for those Discussing with non-Muslims

Islam, Violence, and Jihad

(Draft Article) Answer to Objection: Islam and Muslims are abnormally violent

(Draft Article) Objection: “Why do you Muslims want to throw the world back to the Dark Ages?”

Questions about Allah the Exalted

Objection: ‘So your God creates people to later send them to Hellfire?’ answered by the Team, with changes and additions by Mawlana Zameelur Rahman

(Draft Article) It was asked: “How can Allah be just if everyone who dies a disbeliever goes to hell?”

(Draft Article) Claim: “If God punishes people only for not worshipping Him, He can go ahead and punish me, I do not care”

(Draft Work) Question: “How can the Muslims say that Allah has been or will be heard and seen by the creation?”

General Questions about primary Islamic texts


An Analysis of Hamza Tzortzis’ paper on the Qur’an and so-called Scientific Miracles – by Hafiz Mahmut

Question: “Do we say the physical heart is the thinking organ?” (a short reply) – by Hafiz Mahmut

Question: ‘Is the chain of the Qur’an solitary from Hafs upwards?’ – a concise reply  – by Hafiz Mahmut

(Draft Article) Objection: “Isn’t Islam only to be propagated to the idolaters among the Arabs?”

Initial Notes on the Post: ‘Atheist Sophistry On Quranic Science Debunked…By A Muslim Scientist’

(Draft Article) Objection: ‘How many times does a person live and die?’

Questions about Islamic texts and Modern Science

(Draft Article) A first comment about ‘Islam and Modern Science’ matters

Qur’anic Verses

Question: What do we say concerning the Qur’anic phrase ‘Verily Allah holds the heavens and the Earth, lest they may shake’?

(Draft Article) Answer to an Objection about the Qur’an and the creation of the world in ‘six days’

(Draft Article) Ayah 18.86, Setting of the Sun and Classical Islamic Exegesis

(Draft Article) Objection: “Humans are not made from the best part of the whole, they are made from a despised fluid”

(Draft Article) On the Punishment of the Hellfire, Verse 4.56, and Pain Sensors in the Skin

(Draft Article) Objection: “Verse 21:30 is not about the Big Bang, it is about Pagan Mythology”

(Draft Article) Objection: Verse 86:11 is not about the capacity of the heavens to return back rain

(Draft Article) Objection: “The Qur’an says that sun and moon Yas-habun around the earth, not around their own axis”

(Draft Article) Verse 51:47 says the universe is vast and not “expanding”

Questions on the Fundamentals of Islamic Belief and Methodology

Question: “Does Islam’s emphasis on reality not show our disdain for how different people perceive things?” by Ustadh Luqman al-Andalusi