Random Thoughts and Notes No. 1251-1275

1251.    We believe in a world of Asbab (apparent causes), among the most important ones was the person of the Prophet (ﷺ). There was no outrage or controversy in the mind of any Muslim about the true benefit of his (ﷺ) blessed look, saliva, or touch, from the time of the Companions (RAA) up to very recently. But also consider that it is an apparent Sabab still, it is not “god-like”, it is not “Shirk”, everyone must know that all good truly comes from Allah alone. Continue reading


Random Thoughts and Notes No. 1176-1200

1176.    The Isnad methodology in the Islamic tradition is basically the connection one has with the elders of the community who learned an important aspect of the religion, be that Hadith, Quran, Tassawuf, etc.

1177.    A sign that Allah is pleased with us is that we are pleased with all the things destined for us as they unfold in our lives, the good things and the bitter things. Continue reading

Random Thoughts and Notes No. 1126-1150

1126.    (As mentioned) Our physical heart, the Mudghah, is part of the Mulk which is part of the lowliest of realities in Islamic cosmology, unlike the spiritual heart, which is in the realm of the Malakut.

1127.    The Qur’an and Islam generally speak of beholding Allah in His Majesty as well as in His Beauty. This is the epitome of love and fear of Allah, both present at the same time. Continue reading

Random Thoughts and Notes No. 1076-1100

1076.    Note that the Jinns of Fire will be burnt by Fire, the angels of Light would have been burnt by the veils of Light that are the “Hijab” (Veil) of Allah. So our normal understanding gleaned from the natural world fails in these matters.

1077.    People talk about needing to reconsider rulings due to circumstances. Yet now we see mass cheating, lying (white collar, not only in low-level jobs or from “low-level persons”)- so would the Mufti be forced to say that virtue and honesty were traits of the past, but now we should look at cheating as a good thing? Continue reading

Random Thoughts and Notes No. 1051-1075

1051.        We should remember that when one becomes a Muslim, brotherhood with other Muslims is not a choice, it is part of Islam just like Prayers, Hajj, Fasting, etc.

1052.        We Muslims should have the level-headedness to look at events in the world and see how we can direct them towards a path broadly beneficial to us, rather than make only on the spot Halal and Haram pronouncements concerning situations imposed upon us from the outside. Continue reading

Random Thoughts and Notes No. 1026-1050

1026.    Consider that people who have lots of money also have huge responsibilities and worries. This is why one hears from time to time of very rich people killing themselves (since they may have lost a lot of money, got caught cheating on business deals, etc.) so not everything is easy sailing in this world, even for the ones who seem to have amassed all the material goods of this world. Continue reading