Random Thoughts and Notes No. 1376-1400

1376.    An issue of importance: It may very well be that the obsession of some to say no to intermediaries between themselves and Allah has actually prodded the “secularization” of Islamic praxis. This is so, since many would take this call of having no intermediaries way too far, and would cast off even Prophets (Alayhim as-Salaam), Revealed Books, etc., especially if their fundamental grounding is not strong, and all they know as a fundamental rule is that there should be no intermediaries between themselves and Allah. Continue reading


Random Thoughts and Notes No. 1326-1350

1326.    We as Muslims in our Da’wah to all (Muslims and non-Muslims) need to propound the important idea that a status quo could be risky. This is especially so in terms of our beliefs, since the status quo is in fact an anti-Islamic push in many directions, and this is absolutely detrimental to Muslims and gets worse year after year as more anti-Islamic laws and methods are adopted by countries the world over. Continue reading

Random Thoughts and Notes No. 1301-1325

1301.    Some people say Muslims impose Shariah in their countries and that secularists do not; well, if secularists believe in a public space (and they do) they will believe in imposing laws on all, those who like it and those who do not. Thus disagreements are ultimately scuttled, but not always peacefully. If there is long-term trust in the democratic institutions and minimal disagreements then yes this is a somewhat peaceful road, but otherwise there will be conflict; in fact most countries of the world sprung up because the conflicts were too deep and the viewpoints too disparate to be resolved peacefully, or through voting while staying in one polity – the only solution was a war of independence/secession along with its associated consequences. Continue reading

Random Thoughts and Notes No. 1276-1300

1276.    The danger of the full-blown secularist who says he will use his mind is sometimes less on the Muslim community than that of the “Muslim” who says he accepts the Nusoos but only by the interpretations he himself gives the texts.

1277.    One has to see how the matter of social engineering carried out by many nation-states is related overtly or covertly to a form of “Jihad” either as a struggle, coercion or both. Continue reading

Random Thoughts and Notes No. 1251-1275

1251.    We believe in a world of Asbab (apparent causes), among the most important ones was the person of the Prophet (ﷺ). There was no outrage or controversy in the mind of any Muslim about the true benefit of his (ﷺ) blessed look, saliva, or touch, from the time of the Companions (RAA) up to very recently. But also consider that it is an apparent Sabab still, it is not “god-like”, it is not “Shirk”, everyone must know that all good truly comes from Allah alone. Continue reading

Random Thoughts and Notes No. 1176-1200

1176.    The Isnad methodology in the Islamic tradition is basically the connection one has with the elders of the community who learned an important aspect of the religion, be that Hadith, Quran, Tassawuf, etc.

1177.    A sign that Allah is pleased with us is that we are pleased with all the things destined for us as they unfold in our lives, the good things and the bitter things. Continue reading