Random Thoughts and Notes No. 1001-1025

1001.    The ‘Ulama say that for many, it is easier to do a positive act of worship (such as the Fard prayers) than to give up things (whether temporary things like Sawm or always-prohibited things like alcohol, prohibitive lustful glances, etc.)

1002.    There is love for wealth, for sex, for prestige, but also for acceptance and inclusion. And we should not let this last love make us compromise our safety or our Iman, keeping in mind that some people (powerful as well as less so) will always detest Islam and Muslims.

1003.    While we Muslims recognize the overall positiveness of being nice and kind, yet with some people kindness will never work. Very importantly, we should not make ourselves so vulnerable that our own wives, children, relatives, or own people are abused and attacked due to the passiveness we show towards our committed enemies.

1004.    “Being a man” means being a leader, taking those under you to Jannah and protecting them against the Fire – this is the first thing, all matters of ego should be put far, far away and extricated.

1005.    One of the things we learn from the Hijrah is that it is the Prophet (ﷺ) who honors a place, not vice-versa.

1006.    There exist some “Da’wah” organizations who unfortunately they don’t speak about Islam, they speak about themselves and they spread their Hawaa (lowly desires).

1007.    (As mentioned) The Qur’an praises those who give to the Prisoners of War (of Badr) – showing that the Prophet (ﷺ) was never vengeful, even towards those who had attacked him [at that point] for 13+ years.

1008.    A hidden trick of the Shaytan: He fools people even with the pronouncement of the Shahada, saying that no, you will not be able to keep up Islam, you will be a hypocrite after pronouncing the testimony of faith so better stay an outward disbeliever; this whispering may happen even if the person internally wants to believe in La Ilaaha Illa Allah.

1009.    A blunt advice, useful for many Muslims running after this world: You may vie to attain big things in this world yet you will not achieve these, nor will you be able to remain on your Islam, so beware.

1010.    (As mentioned) Is it not very amazing that Paul doesn’t quote Isa (Alayhi as-Salaam) even once in his letters? No Da’wah carrier can ever imagine preaching Islam without quoting at least a few Ahadith, a few Verses of the Qur’an – at the very least to point his audience towards what the real goal is, who is to be really followed; that is, Islam is not a mere set of philosophical musings.

1011.    We totally accept the Hubb of ar-Rahman and ar-Raheem (love of Allah as being the Most Beneficent and Merciful), but we also need to have Hubb of the al-Jalaal and al-Jaleel, since it is in seeing the Majesty of Allah and yet loving Him that we reach a proper state of faith.

1012.    People who come into Islam then leave it, many times are disputatious, and have an extreme personality, trying to find “THE Islam” or the “True True Islam”. Then these people transition into a state of shock when a host of issues appear where acceptable scholarly dispute does exist and has existed for centuries, and which will not realistically be resolved definitively one way or the other. So the best thing from our side at least is to present Islam, its indubitable parts and its disputations, as they truly are, not make an unrealistic portrait of Islam to those looking into the Deen, studying the Deen, and/or practicing the Deen.

1013.    There is a system in the modern world which easily leads to anger, fear, and resentment among majorities but particularly among the minorities. Note also that this is not only about race and skin color, but more about an outlook of the world and what one is trying to achieve in this world.

1014.    The person cannot hope for death due to physical pain, but he can hope so if he fears Fitnah for his Iman, or longs for martyrdom, or really wants to meet Allah.

1015.    Consider the very real “hermeneutical understanding” performed on texts of the Old Testament and New Testament. That is, if one tortures the text long enough, it will say whatever you want it to say, facts aside.

1016.    We have to be extremely aware that the New Testament Gospel writers were very fervent even if they had to fabricate history through the lens of their theology.

1017.    In the Old Testament, Isaiah 53 is about Jeremiah, either a prophecy or in hindsight a contemplation after the Babylonian captivity. Either way, it says nothing directly about the Messiah (Alayhi as-Salaam).

1018.    Consider supernatural dreams as a sign of the Creator- that is, we have these dreams but they are totally not connected with anything we saw or heard recently.

1019.    According to most Christian scholars the Q source has no Passion narrative, despite the authenticity it has with modern scholars of the Bible.

1020.    (As mentioned) What does the one eye Dajjal signify? A materialist, nominalist look at reality (only the outward, the dirt, the bodies).

1021.    (As mentioned) Is it not strange that those supposedly working for social change as revolutionaries are in fact totally saturated with the qualities and morals of the oppressors? So something is very wrong, because oppression and corruption cannot be overcome by merely changing its container.

1022.    Islam is in fact quite methodical and rigorous: It says that if one wishes to reach Allah in truth, he must follow the Shariah, since this is the Sunnah that Allah has instituted in the realm of Iraadah Tashri’iyah. Of course, it could have been different and miraculous in a sense, but we follow a norm and a way, since the expectation is not towards the miraculous, commonly speaking. Besides, even miracles serve to lead eventually to some sort of a new balance, a new normal.

1023.    Yes, one can say that oppression and injustice are to be removed from the world. But also as Muslims, we must say that this oppression, this injustice, is all that is not Islam and not the way of the Prophet (ﷺ) – thus our mission is always to spread Islam vigorously, not just hide behind simple sweet sounding phrases like “remove injustice” or “be against oppression” or even “Free Palestine”.

1024.    (As mentioned) Note the evil genius of some (mostly government) agencies which made promising groups disintegrate: They did it by corrupting them from the inside, so that they had no legitimacy left in the eyes of their target audiences.

1025.    We must realize that people who are respected now were often hated by those same people (communities) who now claim to respect them. An example is Malcolm X, sure people say many good things about him, but even within the Muslim community, were he to be alive today, many would try to distance themselves from him, some might even report him to authorities for being a ‘non-violent extremist’, or whatever other imagined term to try to distance themselves from him.