With respect to spam comments

Recently, a certain person posted a number of comments that I can only characterize as ‘spam’. As I have mentioned before, we Muslims should endeavor to study and answer only those matters that are most important and fundamental, and leave the rest of the issues aside, since they are either not important at all, or are branches or derivations of disagreements concerning the fundamental issues. These secondary matters cannot be tackled without knowing where we stand on the basic issues.

What is also seen is that in the cases where certain of the ‘spam’ objections are more substantial, they are often exact copies from certain anti-Islamic sources (i.e. they are unoriginal comments), often posted  in unrelated places– and this shows nothing other than languidness from the side of the commenter.

My brief message to anyone who posts such comments is that I will keep your objections in mind, and I will answer them as the need and possibility arises. In all these cases, I will be forced to delete these types of comments, and reply to the core issues as time and effort permit. I am still contacting a number of scholars in this respect, and I really hope that a result better than what I can give from my own side can be presented in the near future.


2 thoughts on “With respect to spam comments

    • Salam Alaykum,

      No it is definitely not you. Rather, I feel that if the site grows in popularity, there will be certain non-Muslims who will attack Islam, and I do not have time for them in the form they present themselves.


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