Again, statements on Muhammad’s ﷺ and his marriage to Ayesha (Radhia Allahu Anha)

بِسْمِ اللَّـهِ الرَّحْمَـٰنِ الرَّحِيم

It is very depressing when we still see the totally mindless comment coming from non-Muslims, right of the bat, of the type “What about Mohammad, who raped a six year old girl?” In whichever context it comes, it is very lamentable, because the objector has not made any attempt to make a difference between “age of marriage” and “age of moving to live with one’s husband”.

They have also failed to note that early marriage for women has been the norm throughout most of human history, and is in fact still operative in many places of the world. What I suspect is in fact happening is an application of the “unstoppable human advancement” hypothesis, were people move from barbarism towards ever higher civility.

But to me and to Islam in general, such a hypothesis is unfounded, and moreover, it smacks of colonialism in another form. This is definitely the case, since this theory was developed first by the European colonizers, who thought of the people they had conquered as being sub-humans who needed to be brought into humanity by the application of the European ethos. Thus, what the Muslim rejects right away is the hidden supposition that the European/North American ethos is indubitably correct, and that only this paradigm should be used to measure the civility or barbarism of other cultures. This is one reason why it really surprises us when people of a non-Western mindset and with a totally different religion (such as certain Hindus) come forward and make such a statement – even when their own religious leaders were known to marry young girls, in compliance with what is written in their works concerning the actions of their mythological “deities”.

Of course, the Muslims do think that many of the actions committed by people around the world are very wrong and immoral, but this is belief of ours is shown in a systematic manner, and is not simply thrown onto the world without any evidence whatsoever.

If the non-Muslim of any persuasion thinks otherwise, we are ready to present our evidences and discuss the matter from the basis of a reasoned debate. But in that case, the opponent should know that we will not tolerate insults at all, as it is against the very basis of the discussion we are to carry out. Also, by holding out that marrying a minor is undoubtedly an evil act, they have also given away any chance for a discussion on the matter, since we cannot tolerate that the ultimate conclusion be agreed upon before we even discuss the premises and assumptions.


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  1. As a fellow Muslim, it is very sad to read that other Muslims are still trying to justify underage marriage based on dodgy hadith. The so-called none-Muslim has every right to question the ethics of those who try to justify blatant crimes against humanity under the cloak of religion. Many Muslims have done research to prove that Aisha (PBUH) was an adult (of at least 18 years of age) by the time of her marriage. “By their fruits you shall know them” and the fruits of underage marriage are clear to see by everyone – as right is always clear from wrong, and it is only false belief/dogma that continues the injustice. Stop being ignorant!


  2. Your concern is noted. However, we should be clear that many scholars have mentioned that in Islam, actions are neutral in their moral standing, and it is only the Lawgiver (i.e. Allah) who attaches ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ to them.

    Now, if we come to the issue of the age of Ayesha (RAA) at the time of her marriage, this is a historical matter. And even if we were to concede that the Ahaadeeth talking about her age being 9 years old are ‘dodgy’, we would need to have a proper methodology that differentiates between ‘dodgy’ and ‘proper’ Ahaadeeth. It seems to me that those who try to ‘prove’ that Ayesha (RAA) was 18 years old at the time of her marriage to the Prophet (SAW) are simply bending their necks to contemporary Western mores, without being serious about the strict historicity of the matter.

    At the end of the day, we should judge the Islam based on its own principles (and in fact, the general principles of Islam allow for a greater latitude of different opinions that many people may be aware of), but we are not to blindly import mores from a very different time and place and then try to pigeon-hole islam into those mores.

    Insha Allah I will comment more about this, but this is enough for the time being.


  3. She r.a. waited three years and then at the age of 9 years She r.a. was sent with Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w.
    Every physician,gynecologist and endocrinologist,all ACCEPT that it is normal for a girl to be an adult after the age of 8 years.
    Marrying a girl who is an adult by the age of 9 years is all normal.


    • An adult man having sex with a nine year old is normal? No, it is not. Your assertion: “Every physician,gynecologist and endocrinologist,all ACCEPT that it is normal for a girl to be an adult after the age of 8 years.” is ridiculous. This is sick…beyond sick. It may be difficult to disavow the religion of your ancestors, but for the sake of peace…for the sake of truth…let’s stop pretending Mohammed was anything other than a schizophrenic megalomaniac pedophile. For God’s sake, people. Just because Mohammed was not a prophet does not mean God does not exist, nor does it mean God does not love you or have a plan for you. But it may be time to give up this Islam thing…haven’t enough people died foolishly because of your ill-founded faith?


  4. ^ I take it our latest objector is a “Christ-loving” man spewing out his ‘love’ for Islam, Muslims, and our sacred symbols – anyway we will see what his religious convictions (if any) are, and they we can move ahead accordingly.


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