Important notice concerning ‘Draft Articles’

بِسْمِ اللَّـهِ الرَّحْمَـٰنِ الرَّحِيم

Salam Alaykum,

We would like to mention to our readers that we are uploading a number of articles in the ‘Draft’ stage. Such articles have been written or are being written, but they have not yet been formally approved of by any Muslim scholar. 

It is to be noted that all the ‘draft articles’ are to be taken with caution, since the Shuyukh and Muslim scholars who go through our work may very well find errors that we did not know about ourselves while writing our work.

Also, our readers should know that any information given here (either as ‘draft’ or approved by Shaykhs) is only meant to give a very general idea to the reader concerning the Islamic position about the topic being discussed. After all, the main author of this site is a lay Muslim, and whatever is written by lay Muslims can never be taken as a formal instruction concerning Islamic beliefs, jurisprudence, and so forth, since Islam has its own methodology for formally imparting such sciences, and as of now we have not had the chance to learn Islam through such a methodology- let alone being authorized to pass down such knowledge to others.

Thus, our purpose is to give some basic information which will, by the grace of Allah, lead the readers to the correct Islamic path, but after this, the true passing down of knowledge remains with the traditional scholars of Islam.

Also, while we are trying our best to present the Islamic position with respect to its answers to the objections of the non-Muslims, and the Islamic view with respect to the theology/worldview of non-Muslim systems and why such systems are incorrect, we cannot claim that our articles and works provide the final exposition concerning all the issues they touch upon. In many instances, we are trying to write down what we have understood from a topic or a quote that is placed in front of us, and this undoubtedly means that we are learning about the topic as we write about it.

One more issue is that we are in most cases writing the issues from a ‘stream-of-consciousness’ mode, and it is possible that we may repeat some points that are found elsewhere while we write, since we may consider that point to be something of importance to mention at that junction.

Hopefully, there will come those who, with Allah’s Mercy and His Assistance, will be able to greatly improve upon the topics we have touched upon, and do a better service in presenting Islam to all. From our side, we will do our best to find Shuyuukh, ‘Ulamaa, or Muftis who can explain as many of the topics and points we touch upon in our writings in a much more thorough and detailed manner, so as to give a much better presentation of Islam to those whose hearts are inclined towards the Islamic religion, or those Muslims who need expert answers related to the matters that concern them.




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  2. Assalaam alaikum admin, maashaallah this is a great website with important resources. I am an imam in Central Kenya and I have gained something from the beneficial articles herein. Thanks a lot and may Allah reward you handsomely
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